Bonkers Builders Engages with Industry Leaders at XP Game Summit 2024

Friday, June 14, 2024, Toronto, Canada – Bonkers Builders is excited to share our recent participation in the XP Game Summit 2024! Over the course of this two-day event, we connected with global industry professionals, explored pivotal industry trends, and unlocked new business-building opportunities. Our attendance highlights our dedication to shaping the future of gaming through innovative technology and captivating gameplay.

During the summit, which focused on the critical role of Intellectual Property (IP) in video games, we had the opportunity to meet with numerous key figures in the industry. In a series of informal presentations, we introduced our upcoming game, Infinite Onslaught, which delighted everyone who experienced it. The positive feedback and enthusiasm for our project reinforced our commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

About Bonkers Builders

Bonkers Builders is dedicated to creating innovative, action-packed video games that blend nostalgia with cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to push the boundaries of gaming and deliver exceptional experiences to players worldwide.