What We Do


Mobile apps

We specialize in crafting user-centric mobile applications with intuitive designs and robust functionalities tailored to your users’ specific needs.

Video Games (PC, Mobile, Console)

Our expertise spans across the gaming landscape, offering development and optimization services for PC, mobile, and console games, ensuring immersive and engaging experiences for gamers.

IoT (Alexa, Google Home)

We excel in integrating IoT solutions, particularly for Alexa and Google Home, enhancing connectivity and functionality for seamless smart home experiences.


Our company provides reliable outsourcing services, offering scalable solutions and expert resources to optimize efficiency and productivity for businesses.


We can creating dynamic, responsive websites, focusing on user experience and cutting-edge design to elevate online presence and engagement.

Graphic Design

Our skilled graphic design team brings creative visions to life, delivering compelling visuals and branding strategies to captivate target audiences.


We offer comprehensive eCommerce solutions, developing user-friendly platforms and optimizing shopping experiences for increased sales and customer satisfaction.

PC/Mac apps

With a focus on innovation, our company designs and develops customized applications for Desktops, delivering seamless and efficient solutions for various needs and industries.


In a market where everything seems to be hype without substance, action speaks louder than words. Bonkers Builders is all about action.